How to play mkv files on vlc

MKV is an open-standard multimedia format that's widely supported by most software-based media players. VLC, the most powerful free multimedia player software, however, sometimes will fail to play some MKV files or not play properly play certain MKV files. You can have a test with the latest VLC 2. For detailed steps: please visist: VLC no sound solved. If the MKV files contains some video codec such as H.

how to play mkv files on vlc

Click "Settings" on the main interface to open "Profile Settings" window to tweak the output audio codec as AAC or other VLC readable audio codec according to your own needs. If the file that is skipping is playing from a local hard drive, you can adjust the caching value in milliseconds.

If the file you are trying to play is located on a network share, just change the caching value for "Network Caching ms ". You can also try to toggle hardware acceleration, select a different video output module, lower the picture quality as a last resort, etc to fix the VLC lagging or skipping issue when playing HD videos.

Personal audio-visual feast of digital world, brighten your digital life. Money Saving Bundles. Step 1: Load MKV files into the program. Step 2: Output VLC playable file format. Step 3: Adjust audio settings for VLC playback. Step 4: Start the converting process.

What's Next? Free Trial Video Converter. Free Trial Video Converter for Mac. My Profile. All Rights Reserved.MKV is an open standard video file format that supports high-quality videos. It also supports many audio and video codecs which shows its flexibility. Even Windows 7 won't support MKV format. If you're a Windows 10 user, you're good to play this type of file. You'll see the message as an "Unsupported file". There is no need to download third-party video converter programs to perform the conversion.

MKV video file. Windows PC. VLC Media player. In the new window, tap on the Add button to insert the MKV file. You can add multiple MKV files for conversion. Select one or multiple files in the explorer window. To remove any file, choose the file and simply click on the Remove button. On the Convert window, the profile should be Video - H.

Then hit the Save button. We're now one more step to go to start converting the file. On the Convert window, Browse for the destination file. Give a specific name to the file and Save. Note: Do not choose the same MKV file here to avoid overwriting.

So, give a new name for the file. Finally, hit the Start button. Within one minute, the conversion process will be completed even if the file size is more than 3 GB. Third-party MP4 converter will take at least 30 to minutes to convert a video file. After converting the file, copy to your USB drive. Dinesh is a technology geek who likes all types of new technology and writes articles about how-to, tips and tricks.

His greatest pleasure is to share creative ideas to inspire others. Launch the VLC media player. On the Profile edition window. Check the Video and Keep the original video track boxes. Check Audio and Original audio track boxes.MKV is not the video file that all media players can support to play. The high definition files hold audio, video, image, and subtitle content in a single container even though they have different formats. Many users turn to VLC media player to play these massive files and end up facing problems.

VLC audio delay, playback stuttering, fuzzy image, buggy interface quirks are the most common problems encountered while playing MKV files on the VLC player. Along with these options, the user ends up getting more hassled in solving the issue. Plenty of repair solutions are available in the market to tackle the problems, but it is essential to opt only for reliable, secure, and user-friendly repair tools.

VLC is a portable, free, and open source cross-platform multimedia player. It allows converting the MKV video to simpler formats like MP4, which is compatible with most modern devices. It can easily read and open MKV videos. The most common errors that usually occur are- unable MKV file, show grey screen or an error pop up dialog while playing MKV file, downloading MKV indefinitely, choppy videos, no sound, or errors on external subtitle and many more.

At the same time, there are various step by step solutions provided online to tackle the troubles. Choppy videos spoil the fun of viewing experience. There can be several reasons behind a rough, jerky, or broken video. Due to which the solutions are also different. Audio issues are quite commonly encountered. Like viewing, aural experience is equally essential for enjoyment.

Even after checking all the sound-related panels and speakers on our devices, the problem continues to persist. But you can try video repair tool to fix it. Recoverit Video Repair is one of the robust tools of modern times is available in the market. The powerful software guides us on how to recover a corrupt video file instantly with easy steps. The ultimate corrupt video file fixer, repairs videos from different devices, like memory cards, SD cards, computer hard drives, digital cameras, action cameras, etc.

It also helps us to recover videos of different formats. Apart from this, the video repair tool also helps to recover damaged mp4 files caused due to memory card error, file transfer error, interrupted system shutdown, corrupted recovered videos, virus attacks, or any other reason.

Recoverit repair solution tool provides help in various corruption scenarios, like video file header corruption, video file system corruption, corruption on the video slider, corruption on the sound section of the video files. God bless. Download Win Download Mac.

Eleanor Reed. SD card pictures are lost? Recover Samsung photos. PSD files can be restored. Repair photos in 5 ways.

how to play mkv files on vlc

Perform MP4 recovery now. Get corrupt FLV videos fixed. Solve video black screen. What if videos corrupted? Top 10 audio file formats. Lost Android audio files?Eager to find an easy and useful way to fix MKV Windows 10 playback issue? You have come to the right place! The effective and practical helper can be downloaded here:. Q: I've recently upgraded to Windows 10, but when I try to play a. This item was encoded in a format that's not supported.

Any idea? A: After you have updated to the latest version of Windows 10, you may find that the MKV files will appear as a regular video file on your PC hard disc.

Then why we fail to play MKV files on Windows 10? Or why there is no sound or Windows 10 MKV no video when playing? If you are plagued by the above issues, keep reading, the reason why you fail to play MKV files on Windows 10 and 3 simple solutions will be presented with you so as to play MKV files on Windows 10 smoothly. MKV, also known as Matroska, is a container format that can contain an unlimited number of video, audio, picture and subtitle tracks into a single file, which means that MKV file contains a variety of audio and video codecs.

Whatever, the below paragraphs will introduce 3 methods to help you fix MKV Windows 10 playback issue. You can choose the most appropriate method based on your needs. We have introduced the top 5 free video converters before. Before start, please free download free download the software. You can directly drag and drop the MKV files to the program as well. Click the "Click to change output format" area on the right side of the program to select the output format of MKV files. Click the inverted triangle icon at the bottom of the program to set the final output destination of the converted MKV file, then click Run to start converting MKV files to play on Windows 10, play MKV on Androidetc.

K-Lite Codec Pack is a simple free codec pack which supports playing almost all the mainstream audio and video files after installing. Step2: After done, choose the players for Windows you want on "File association" section during setup. Step3: Then click "Next", tick. Finally finish the installation of the K-Lite Codec Pack. Then you can play MKV files on Windows 10 smoothly. Downloading the basic version of K-Lite Codec Pack is enough.

If you want to know more codecs, you can view VLC codecs which I have introduced before. We have introduced some MKV players before.

how to play mkv files on vlc

You can download any one of them to smoothly play the MKV files! This article introduced 3 effective and workable methods of how to play MKV files on Windows You can select any one of the them you prefer. I hope this article can help you! It also supports you in compressing video and audio files, downloading 4K, P video from YouTube, Facebook and other video sites.

Free Download. Recommended by the author. At last All Rights Reserved.Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. Whether you are downloading videos from the Internet or getting them from other people, there is a high chance that you will come across MKV files.

It got its name from the Russian word for Nesting Dolls, matryoshka. The company also has a lot of resources on their websiteincluding a list of playback options. As time went on, the format was improved and init became the basis for the WebM multimedia format.

Contrary to popular belief, MKV files are not an audio or video compression format. MKV files are actually multimedia container formats. An MKV container can incorporate audio, video, and subtitles into a single file—even if those elements use different types of encoding. For example, you could have a MKV file that contains H. MKV container files were designed to be future proof, meaning that the files would not become outdated. Matroska developers included several key features to make this happen, including things like:.

The MKV container itself also supports almost any audio and video format, making the format highly adaptive and easy to use. You have two main options for playing MKV files: using an MKV compatible media player or downloading the appropriate codecs for the media player you prefer.

Downloading and installing the program is easy if you follow these directions. Beware of going anywhere else, because a lot of crapware vendors have fake VLC download sites. Simply run the downloaded file to install VLC.

The entire installation process should take no more than two or three minutes. Note that, while VLC does associate itself with all supported video and audio formats during the installation—including MKV—it does not register itself as the default app for those file types.

Of course, not everyone likes VLC player. Codecs are notorious for bundling in crapware or, worse, malware. The good folks at Ninite make it their mission to provide downloads completely free of any bundled nonsense. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more.MKV files. While this file format is being widely used these days, there are cases when VLC crashes after playing. You only see a blank screen or frozen pictures. In some cases, the video lags or skips until the player itself crashes.

There are different reasons why your VLC player crashes when playing. There may be compatibility issues with your system or you have corrupted components. There are ways on how you can fix this kind of problem. Check out the solutions below:. Look for the latest update on your VLC player. Visit their official website and install any updates available.

The company may have added new updates that can solve the problem. An update alone may not solve the problem so reinstall the latest version.

How to Play MKV on VLC Smoothly with The Simplest Method

First uninstall your VLC Player. Streaming video files often used up a lot of processing power that playing high-definition.

how to play mkv files on vlc

MKV files crashes due to insufficient power. To ease up processing power and load your video, you can disable hardware acceleration. MKV is a video container format.

How to Play MKV Files in VLC Smoothly

There might be recent changes in your settings that affects video playing. To reset to default, follow the instructions below. VLC Media Player is an excellent application to stream your videos anytime. There may be frustrating errors along the way but you will always find solutions that will fix these problems. What do you think of the methods above?

How to Solve "Does VLC Play MKV or HD MKV Files" Issue on Mac and Windows?

Let us know if these methods are helpful. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign in. Log into your account. Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Windows Dispatch. Max Morris. February 26, Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! All countries. Tuesday, July 14, Recent Articles.

Disney Plus brings a lot of joy to many families. Children love watching their favorite cartoon shows and animated movies as manyThat is how to fix broken MKV files so that we can playback the content we prefer. Well, some of you may consider the MKV fix tool, which is also one of the solutions in this post.

If the MKV videos happen to be downloaded from the internet, it could be just the MKV video files are not being downloaded completely. There are a couple of reasons making these download interruptions. It is possible that your download software may simply have a sudden stop due to the power cut. Or sometimes there is an accidental process termination before finishing the tasks.

So the first step for you is to check if your source MKV files are not corrupted by the transferring process. To fix broken MKV files, you need to go back to the source website and click on the link to download the MKV videos again.

If you are using torrents, please run the downloader software to access the source MKV files again. On the other side, the MKV video files will not work even when your media player software is able to play some normal media content like MP4, AVI, and other popular ones. In this case, it is the issue from the player program on your computer. For your further information, you should get some knowledge about what is MKV video format and how to open it on the Windows and Mac system respectively.

Easiest Way To Play MKV Files - Using Windows Media Player

There is one thing you need to ensure with the media player application is that the program has to be installed with the MKV codecs. Thus, the second piece of advice to fix broken MKV files is to try a universal media player with embodied MKV compatible codecs.

Another way is to grab the compatible codecs online and put them into your current player software like Windows Media Player in order to support the non-playing MKV files. Once you make sure there is nothing wrong with the player software and downloader, then this indicates the MKV files could be severely broken. Actually, it is quite simple to run this process after understanding the given features of the VLC player.

At the same time, converting particular video formats into AVI video format is available. This solution can also meet the requirements to fix MKV files Mac accessible. There is a menu bar at the top of the playback area. Draw out the format list and slide down to the AVI format.

The file section has included a special option for damaged or incomplete AVI file, the default is set for asking for action.

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