Word chapter 3 lab 2

In goal formulation, we decide which aspects we are interested in and which aspects can be ignored. In the goal formulation process, the goal is to be set and we shoulld assess those states in which the goal is satisfied. In problem formulation, we decide how to manipulate the importan aspects, and ignore the others. So, without doing goal formulation, if we do the problem formulation, we would not know what to include in our problem and what to leave, and what should be achieved.

word chapter 3 lab 2

So problem formulation must follow goal formulation. That means problem formulation must be done only after the goal formation is done. Choose a formulation that is precise enough to be implemented.

Using only four colors, you have to color a planar map in such a way that no two adjacent regions have the same color. States: Any color on any region is a state. Initial State: No regions colored. Any region can be the initial state Actions: Color a region one of the four colors Transition model: Returns the region with its color and any two adjacent regions cannot be that color.

A 3-foot-tall monkey is in a room where some bananas are suspended from the 8-foot ceiling. He would like to get the bananas. The room contains two stackable, movable, climbable 3-foot high crates. States: Any combination of the 2 crates in the room, with or without the monkey on them. Initial State: A 3-foot-tall monkey is in a room with an 8-foot ceiling, does not have the bananas. The location of the crates is unknown, as is the size, and the location of the bananas hanging from the ceiling.

Transition model: The actions have their expected effects. You know that processing of each record is independent of the other records. You want to discover what record is illegal. Goal test: Discovered what record is illegal. You have three jugs, measuring 12 gallons, 8 gallons, and 3 gallons, and a water faucet.

You can fill the jugs up or empty them out from one to another or onto the ground. You need to measure out exactly one gallon. Initial State: Assume all jugs are empty. Find a way to get everyone to the other side without ever leaving a group of missionaries in one place outnumbered by the cannibals in that place. This problem is famous in AI because it was the subject of the first paper that approached problem formulation from an analytical viewpoint Amarel, Formulate the problem precisely, making only those distinctions necessary to ensure a valid solution.

Quick Analysis in Excel

Draw a diagram of the complete state space. Initial State: Expressed as a hexadecimal is 0x, the first 3 is for the missionaries and the second 3 is the cannibals, the two zeros show that all missionaries and cannibals are on the left bank.

States: Any combination of missionaries and cannibals so long as the cannibals do not out number the missionaries. Bad states: 0x, 0x, 0x, 0x, 0x, 0x Actions: Move missionaries and cannibals across a river, 2 at a time. Goal State: Expressed as a hexadecimal is 0x All missionaries and cannibals have made it to the other side of the river. Implement and solve the problem optimally using an appropriate search algorithm. Is it a good idea to check for repeated states?

As you can see from the above picture there are a total of 10 possible types of movements, that can go right across the river or left across the river.Word has always been the workhorse app of the Microsoft Office suite. Nearly everyone who uses Office ends up using Word at some point, whether it be for writing memos, typing up agendas, creating reports, crafting business correspondence or any of a thousand other uses.

When you purchase a perpetual version of the suite — say, Office or Office — its applications will never get new features, whereas Office apps are continually updated with new features. This cheat sheet gets you up to speed on the features that were introduced in Word and Wordthe perpetual-license versions of Word included with Office and Officerespectively. In OfficeWord has all those features, plus several more. Most of the tips in this article apply to both Word and Word for Windows.

Near the end is a section for Word only. But if you need a refresher, see our Word cheat sheet. Just as in Wordthe Ribbon in Word and is flatter-looking, cleaner and less cluttered than the one in Word and The and Ribbon is smaller than in Wordthe title bar is now solid blue rather than the previous white, and the menu text File, Home, Insert and so on is now a mix of upper- and lowercase rather than all caps.

There are other minor changes as well — for instance, the old Page Layout tab is now called just Layout — but the Ribbon still works in the same way and you'll find most of the commands in the same locations as in Word To find out which commands live on which tabs on the Ribbon, download our Word and Ribbon quick reference. Also see the nifty new Tell Me feature described below.

Word 2016 and 2019 cheat sheet

Just as in earlier versions of Word, to make the commands underneath the tabs on the Ribbon go away, press Ctrl-F1. To make the commands appear again, press Ctrl-F1. Note that the Ribbon tabs — File, Home, Insert and so on — stay visible. To get to them, click the Ribbon display options icon at the top right of the screen, just to the left of the icons for minimizing and maximizing Word. A drop-down menu appears with these three options:. And if for some reason that blue on the title bar is too much color for you, you can turn it white or gray.

To make the title bar blue again, choose the Colorful option from the drop-down list. Just above the Office Theme menu is an Office Background drop-down menu — here you can choose to display a pattern such as a circuit board or circles and stripes in the title bar. Each location now displays its associated email address underneath it. This is quite helpful if you use a cloud service with more than one account, such as if you have one OneDrive account for personal use and another one for business.

You'll be able to see at a glance which is which. The biggest feature launched with Word is live collaboration that lets people work on documents together from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, a feature that Google Docs has long had.

word chapter 3 lab 2

However, while Office subscribers or anyone using Word or Word Online can see the changes that other users of those versions make to a shared document in real time as they happen, Word users have to save their documents periodically to see and share changes. Still, it does allow you to work with others on the same document at the same time. To collaborate on a document, first open it, then click the Share icon in the upper-right part of the screen.CCNA Dump.

Monitoring the status of a device is really helpful, especially in troubleshooting issues. Almost all devices have their own method to provide log information about the usage of devices. Administrators use these logs to find the solutions to troubleshoot the issues caused by devices. In nowadays, high availability and redundancy is one of the most important factor to enhance the productivity and reputation of an organization.

The redundancy can be applied at the various levels such as Server level, Disk-level, and even the network device-level. There are many ways to interconnect routers. One of the most popular and traditional way to interconnect routers on a WAN network is using the Serial interfaces. Frame-relay is a WAN technology that supports up to Nowadays it is not so much popular and heavily replaced by the latest technologies such as ATM.

NAT enhances the security of the network by hiding the actual IP information from the external users. The external users see the translated IP addresses rather than actual IP addresses.

This is also called masking. Access Control List ACL is a security feature that allows you to filter the network traffic based on configured statements. An ACL can be used to filter either inbound or outbound traffic on an interface. However, spanning-tree sometime can also create a problem for your network. For example, suppose you have a server that is connected into your switch. Network loop can create a huge problem in a network. You can control to access your switch port. For example, you can control who can access a specific interface of a switch or how many devices could be connected to a specific switch interface.

There is a feature called Switch Port Security that allow you to do so. Etherchannel is a technique that allows you to combine multiple Ethernet switch ports in to a single logical port. Thus help you to combine bandwidth of all port and provide redundancy in case of a single port failure.If … we choose a group of social phenomena with no antecedent knowledge of the causation or absence of causation among them, then the calculation of correlation coefficients, total or partial, will not advance us a step toward evaluating the importance of the causes at work.

In lecture and in the textbook, we have been discussing the idea of correlation. This is the idea that two things that we measure can be somehow related to one another.

3: Topographic Maps

For example, your personal happiness, which we could try to measure say with a questionnaire, might be related to other things in your life that we could also measure, such as number of close friends, yearly salary, how much chocolate you have in your bedroom, or how many times you have said the word Nintendo in your life. Some of the relationships that we can measure are meaningful, and might reflect a causal relationship where one thing causes a change in another thing.

Some of the relationships are spurious, and do not reflect a causal relationship. In this lab you will learn how to compute correlations between two variables in software, and then ask some questions about the correlations that you observe. We use data from the World Happiness Report. In this lab we use explore to explore correlations between any two variables, and also show how to do a regression line. There will be three main parts. Getting R to compute the correlation, and looking at the data using scatter plots.

It will be fun. To use the function you just need two variables with numbers in them like this:. Remember, ggplot2 wants the data in a data. In this case there are four, so it makes four.

word chapter 3 lab 2

Getting these numbers on there is possible, but we have to calculate them first. Instead, what we will do is make a table of the correlations in addition to the scatter plot. We again use dplyr to do this:. OK, we are basically ready to turn to some real data and ask if there are correlations between interesting variables…You will find that there are some… But before we do that, we do one more thing.

As you learned from the textbook.This third dimension on a topographic map is represented by contour lines, which are imaginary lines drawn on a map that represent an elevation above average sea level a. Geological Survey U. S are oriented with north at the top of the map.

Therefore if you locate a position on the map, and move towards the top of the map you are moving in a northerly direction, and if you are moving to the bottom of the map, you are moving towards the south. Any movement to the right will be towards the east and a movement towards the left will be towards the west. Since each individual contour line connects points of equal elevation, then following that line in the real world means that you are staying at the same elevation while walking along that imaginary line.

If you were to move off that line, you are either walking up or down in elevation. Assume the contour interval for this map is 5ft, and the index contour that is crossing the stream has an elevation of 70ft. Once your contour lines are drawn, you will notice that you had to draw some lines closer together in some areas and wider apart in other areas and that you may have even enclosed an area by drawing a contour line in a circular pattern.

The following pages must be printed and completed by the student and mailed to the instructor in order to be scored. Alternatively, you may scan the activity and send it electronically to the instructor; unreadable scans will not be accepted, so be sure to send in legible work. Make sure that you use additional postage if needed.

There is no online assessment for the Topographic Maps Lab. Complete the entire assignment and mail to your instructor postmarked by the assignment deadline. You should make an extra copy to practice on and mail in a clean and neat version for grading. Make sure to include your name on every page and staple all of the pages together. Learning Objectives After completing this chapter, you should be able to: Recognize topographic patterns and geologic patterns Read and construct contour lines Determine gradients Read map scales and convert fractional scales Construct a topographic profile.You'll be in extremely hostile territory for the duration of the game, so you will always have to be on your toes.

The henchmen quests continue here, and you should be able to find some more optional quests. Beorunna's Well There are many services available here in town. In the Trading Post you can forge weapons just like in chapter 1, but the ones you make here are much more powerful and much more costly.

The item creation continues in the Many-Starred Cloak Enclave with the same system as chapter 2 there are five more books to find - listed below. Only magic users can use the lab though. Your old henchmen are all available in Aarin Gend's Lodge and you can always get healing at the local Temple of Tyr.

All of these locations are on the in-game map, so I see no need to reprint one here. Your first goal is to talk to Aarin. He will redirect you to Lillian in The Drinking House. Go to the southeasternmost building and talk to Lillian inside.

Word 2016 and 2019 cheat sheet

She will start you on the next quest. The Snow Globe Lillian needs a precious artifact back. It was stolen from her by a wizard named Nax. She does know where he is and gives you a Teleport Scroll to help you catch up to him. Head north to the Coldwood and fight through the swarms of orcs to get to the northeastern zone wall. Go through the eastern exit.

In this second Coldwood area you will have to fight some cultists, amongst other things. Just head to the northeastern teleportation circle.

The scroll will allow you to teleport to the Wizard's Lab, your goal for this part of the quest. After the summoning head to the northwestern room with the four gongs. Hit the gongs in the following order - cat, dog, bear, dragon - to open the door. Bring it back to Lillian for a reward.Any month can only be used as part of one successful claim. Claims must be made by July 2017 at the latest. For a VIP Reward claim to be successful, you must provide the following details matching exactly those held in your account: Username, password and email address.

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